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Captain Sarkis Torossian – Hero of the Dardanelles

Captain Sarkis Torossian

Captain Sarkis Torossian was born in 1891 in the town of Everek (an Armenian settlement in the Caesarea region of the Angora Province, Ottoman Empire). He graduated from the local parochial school and since childhood has dreamed of becoming a military man, which, however, has been an almost unrealizable dream because of the strictest prohibition …

The Ancient Armenian City of Bitlis

The Ancient Armenian City of Bitlis

Bitlis (Baghesh in Armenian) is a city in historical Western Armenia and the center of the Turkish province of the same name. Bitlis Province corresponds to some areas of Greater Armenia’s provinces of Aldznik and Turuberan. The city is located at an altitude of 1600 meters, about 20 km southwest of Lake Van, south of …