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The Unknown Aspects of Gabriel Sundukyan’s Talent

The Unknown Aspects

When Gabriel Sundukyan was exiled to Derbent, he did not give up and didn’t remain idle. Instead, he designed this beautiful church in the place of a small chapel at an Armenian cemetery. The Church of the Holy Savior in Derbent is protected by UNESCO. And we thought that Gabriel Sundukyan was exclusively a master …

Hakobavank Monastery – Artsakh, Armenia

Hakobavank Monastery – Artsakh, Armenia

The monastery of Hakobavank (literally “monastery of Hakob”) or Metsaranits is located in the Martakert district of Artsakh in 1.5 km from the village of Kolatak (the historic province of Mets Hayk, the province of Metsarank, later renamed to Lower Khachen). In historical chronicles, there is no information on the specific date of the establishment …