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There Was No Collapse of the Kingdom of Van (Urartu)

There Was No Collapse

On this high relief, the first king from the dynasty of Yervanduni Yervand I Sakavakyats (“short staying” due to his short reign) protects his son Tigran, and a warrior protects the king himself from the attack of the son-in-law of Nebuchadnezzar Nergal Sarasar. No such thing as the fall of Kingdom of Van (Urartu) has …

Old Quarters of Yerevan

Old Quarters of Yerevan

Before the reunification of Eastern Armenia with Russia, the territory of Yerevan was approximately thirty square kilometers, most of which were gardens and other green areas. At that time, Yerevan was divided into three main parts – Shahar (main city), Demir-Bulagh (Karhanq), and Kond. Cut off from the city, Nork spread on an eastern hill. …

Oleg Shestinsky On the Contribution of Armenians to World History

Oleg Shestinsky On the Contribution

Many national cultural centers — centers of social thought, education, science, art, and printing — were formed far beyond the borders of the historical homeland of the Armenian people. Nor Jugha, Istanbul, Calcutta, Madras, Moscow, Venice, Vienna, Marseille, Paris, Lviv, Astrakhan, Grigoriopol, and Nakhichevan-on-Don. This is not a complete list, but it also includes the …