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The First Victim of the Artsakh Movement in 1988

The First Victim

Journalist Khachik Zakaryan, who was shot by a Soviet officer at the Zvartnots airport in Yerevan, was the first victim of the Artsakh movement. On July 5, 1988, Soviet troops under the command of criminal general Makashov seized the Zvartnots airport. The purpose of the seizure was to suppress the strike of the airport workers …

Leo – “Tsarism incited attacks on Armenians”

Leo – "Tsarism Incited The Turks

“Tsarism did not direct its army against the Armenians, but it played with the raising awareness of the uneducated Turkish people, thereby inciting attacks on Armenians, their extermination, and seizure of Armenian property. These incitements are fully confirmed by the Turks themselves. It was also confirmed that the government itself handed out weapons to the …