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From the History of the Artsakh Movement – 1988

From the History of the Artsakh

On May 28, 1988, National Hero of the Republic of Armenia Movses Gorgisyan addressed the people during a rally held in Freedom Square with the following words: “People, I will show you one thing, don’t be afraid.” He raised the Yeraguyn (Armenian: եռագույն, Tricolor) – the national flag of Armenia. It was one of the …

“Turkish” Graffiti in Colombian Armenia

"Turkish" Graffiti in Colombian Armenia

Armenia is the capital of the Quindio Department in Colombia. A mural has recently appeared near the city council building, depicting a man in a Turkish costume from the Ottoman Empire period. This image, which has nothing to do with the history of the city, caused outrage among residents. The mural appeared after the mayor …