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Only Armenians Continue to Maintain Loyalty to Russia

Only Armenians

The Slavic peoples of Europe, especially the Poles, Czechs, and Slovaks, are particularly cold towards Russia. The aggression of the Russians and their attitude towards Ukraine once again renewed the dark memories of the despotic Russian domination. The same attitude towards Moscow exists in Moldova, the Baltic republics and Finland, neighboring Georgia and Azerbaijan, as …

Church of the Holy Cross in Akhtamar

Church of the Holy Cross in Akhtamar

The Akhtamar Palace – which has not survived to our times – was surrounded by many other buildings, of which only the Church of the Holy Cross built by architect Manuel between 915 and 921 is now standing. The church is a somewhat modified structure of the cross-in-square type. Inside, the church was ornamented with …

From Gyumri to Ani – City of a Thousand and One Church

From Gyumri to Ani

From Alexandropol (Gyumri) to Ani, a city of a thousand and one churches… Once, this was the route of travelers and historians to the ruins of the ancient city, the capital of the Armenian Kingdom of Bagratids. Now, this trip is almost impossible. Russian hydrographer and writer Alexander Petrovich Andreev (1820–1882) once traveled to Western …