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The Sisavan Church – Sisian, Armenia

The Sisavan Church – Sisian, Armenia

The Sisavan Church, which is also known as St. Gregory Church or St. Hovhannes Church, is located northwest of Sisian in Syunik Province of Armenia. Historians disagree on the exact date of the construction of the church. According to some sources, the church was built in 663-682 under Syunik Prince Kokhazat with the support of …

Architecture of Vaspurakan – Armenian Renaissance

Architecture of Vaspurakan

The beginning of the epoch which we call the Armenian Renaissance dates back to the 10th-11th centuries – the period of the “centenary peace” and well-being of Armenia, when the country experienced a spiritual revival, giving free rein to the accumulated thirst for creativity. Freeing itself from the grip of the church and social dogma, …