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Gurgen Mahari – It Was Them Who Had To Live With Us

Gurgen Mahari

Armenian writer and poet Gurgen Mahari was born on August 1, 1903, in the city of Van in Western Armenia. In 1915, fleeing from the Genocide, he along with his mother and brother moved to Eastern Armenia. He lived in Armenian and American shelters. In 1936, Mahari was arrested by the Soviet government. He would …

Cathedral of St. Grigor – Aruch, Armenia

Cathedral of St. Grigor – Aruch, Armenia

Cathedral of St. Grigor (St. Gregory) Aruch is located in the village of the same name in the Aragatsotn Province of Armenia. The cathedral was built by Prince Grigor Mamikonyan and his wife Heghine. According to the inscriptions, construction began in 662 and ended (according to chronicle sources) in 666. This is the only early …

Freedom of Conscience in Turkey – Myth or Reality?

Freedom of Conscience in Turkey

The caves and catacombs covering the mountainside in the north of ancient Antioch (Antakya) were dug by the followers of Christ in the era of the Roman Empire to hide from the persecutions of pagan authorities. Nowadays, no one lives there for one reason only – there’s no one to. Christians in Islamic Turkey constitute …