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Islamized Armenians in Turkey Are Forbidden To Be Armenians – Hranush Kharatyan

Islamized Armenians in Turkey

Ethnographer Hranush Kharatyan on her Facebook page writes: “Armenia’s representative to the UN should spread information that Islamized Armenians in Turkey are still forbidden to be Armenians, and their children are not allowed to attend Armenian national schools. In accordance with the Turkish legislation, there are no Armenians in Turkey, there are Christian followers of …

Turkey Robbed Christians of Hundreds of Billions of Dollars

Turkey Robbed Christians

As history has shown, ethnic cleansing is always being accompanied by the expropriation of the values of repressed peoples and religious communities. Turkey plundered Christian, including Armenian and Greek, relics valued at tens of billions of dollars in 1915-1925. International humanitarian organizations and sources at UNESCO report, in particular, on the expropriation of Greek and …