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The Treachery That Destroyed Arshakuni Armenia

The Treachery That Destroyed

In the history of Armenia, there have been many betrayals. Let us give just one example from the history of the 5th century, which is when the Arshakuni dynasty fell. The last king of the Arshakuni dynasty was Artashes IV, the son of Vramshapuh. During the six-year rule of Artashes Arshakuni (422-428), the struggle between …

Ler Kamsar on the Bolshevik Atrocities in Armenia

Ler Kamsar on the Bolshevik

Writer Ler Kamsar about the atrocities of the Bolsheviks after the Kemal-Bolshevik occupation: “The Bolsheviks entered Armenia with a satanic smile on their face. They were very hungry because they came from communist Russia. Overnight, all provisions were taken away from the people – butter, meat, flour, sugar, dry fruits, salt, pepper. They took absolutely …

French Maps of Armenia

French Maps of Armenia

The Republic of Azerbaijan since the very day of its independence has made claims on the territories of two Armenian states – the Republics of Artaskh and Armenia. The dominant ethnos in Azerbaijan – which is descending from Turkic nomadic pastoralists who had migrated to the fertile lands of Eastern Transcaucasia from the arid steppes …