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The Most Famous Building of Dilijan

The Most Famous Building of Dilijan

The photo depicts the most famous historical building of Dilijan. This two-story building was built in the 90s of the 19th century for Princess Mariam Tumanyan who at the time lived in Tiflis. The building located in the city center next to the Aghstev River has served as a summer residence. At the beginning of …

A Unique Archaeological Monument of the Van Period Found in Odzaberd

A Unique Archaeological Monument

Archaeological excavations in the Odzaberd fortress (Armenian: Օձաբերդ) located between the villages of Tsovinar and Artsvanist in Gegharkunik Province of Armenia revealed an inclined plate, parts of a spindle, an amphora, a stable, barley grain turned into coal, animal bones, and funerary karases (vessels). The head of the expeditionary group Mikayel Badalyan shared his findings …