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Homemade Plane for Flight from the USSR – Yerevan, 1973

Homemade Plane for Flight from the USSR

It was in 1973 when people found a crashed plane in the southwest of Yerevan near Sovetashen (Nubarashen). Some suggested that the plane belonged to foreigners who had illegally crossed the state border with not entirely good intentions. However, operational investigations by the security authorities showed that the plane was homemade – moreover, made on …

“Call of Plowmen” – Khachik Dashtents

"Call of Plowmen" – Khachik Dashtents

“This novel of mine is about them, about that generation who had a ‘strong bone’ in its chest. And the people of this generation and their whole life were so unusual and legendary that although the material of the novel is reality itself and the events described in it have actually happened, it may still …

Hayk Sayadyan’s Watercolor Animated Film “Momik”

Hayk Sayadyan's Watercolor Animated

In the media space, you can often see trailers for feature films, documentaries, and, in this case, animated films whose further fate remains unknown or is, at least, not traceable. An animated trailer by Hayk Sayadyan telling the story of the life of brilliant architect, sculptor, and miniaturist of the 13th-14th centuries Momik is no …