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Ancient Armenian Presence in Gamirk, Cappadocia

Ancient Armenian Presence

In the Bible, the area of Gamirk (Cappadocia) is referred to as Gamer/Gomer. Gamirk was conquered by the Armenians and annexed to the Armenian state by the legendary patriarch (nahapet) Aram Haykazyan, the son of Armagh and the father of Ara the Beautiful. Aram-nahapet, having accomplished many glorious feats and expanded Armenian possessions towards the …

Louis Brignon – “Kes Harout”

Louis Brignon – “Kes Harout”

“Stop, Brother Harout… Don’t look… God’s begging you, don’t go there…” But Harout only quickened his pace. In a few moments, he climbed the hill and immediately froze, feeling a chilling horror in his whole body. Cold sweat poured from Harout’s forehead at the sight of a scene that appeared before him. At least two …