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“From the Dardanelles to Palestine” – Memoirs of Sarkis Torossian

“From the Dardanelles to Palestine”

The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute announced Sarkis Torrosian’s (1891 – August 17, 1954) book “From the Dardanelles to Palestine” as the Book of the Month. The memoirs of Sarkis Torossian, an Armenian, an officer of the Ottoman army, are of exceptional importance. They have been translated into several languages, including Turkish. The memoirs represent the odyssey …

Mher Dzhulachyan – Heroes of Armenia

Mher Dzhulachyan – Heroes of Armenia

Mher Dzhulachyan was born on November 28, 1967, in the capital of Lebanon, the city of Beirut. Mher since childhood has been brought up with a patriotic spirit. At school, Mher was the most talented student, especially in linguistics. By the age of 16, this ordinary Armenian boy was fluent in 4 languages. His passion …