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Woodrow Wilson’s Memorandum to the Turkish Grand Vizier – 1919

Woodrow Wilson’s Memorandum

A telegram from the French High Commissioner in Constantinople regarding the actions of Admiral Bristol who had corresponded with the Turkish government without first consulting the Allied High Commission. Translation from French. August 23, 1919 “Admiral Bristol, the recently appointed US High Commissioner in Constantinople, sent on August 22 a critical memorandum to the Grand …

Artsakh Falcon Nelson Stepanyan

Artsakh Falcon Nelson Stepanyan

On December 12, 1944, Soviet pilot Nelson Stepanyan perished bravely. Nelson Stepanyan directed his downed plane to an enemy ship. So Armenia fought, so the sons of Artsakh fought, and one was worth a division. For skeptics and doubters – in that last battle, along with Stepanyan died his navigator Alexey Rumyantsev. He did not …