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The Expulsion of Stalin from the Island of St. Lazarus

The Expulsion of Stalin

One of Venice’s city websites, Venezia.Italiani, wrote a note about the journey of Joseph Stalin – then a youngster known under the nickname Koba – to the island of St. Lazarus. In January 1907, the young Georgian, limping, descended from the “Odessa” steamer in the port of Ancona. He had blue eyes, dark hair, a …

Iran’s Protest Against the Establishment of Azerbaijan in 1918

Iran’s Protest

On August 28, 1918, the Persian Embassy in Istanbul on behalf of Persia presented a letter expressing a note of protest against the creation of a state called “Azerbaijan”. The letter said: “The Embassy of Persia, Istanbul. Dear Foreign Ministry, As a result of the Russian-Ottoman peace treaty, a state called ‘Azerbaijan’ is being implemented …