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The Right to Live – Levon Melik-Shahnazaryan

The Right to Live

At the beginning of 1992, in Krkzhan, a suburb of Stepanakert, ours captured a senior lieutenant of the armed forces of Azerbaijan wounded in the leg. He was interrogated and placed in the isolation ward. A few days later, I visited him with guests from Moscow. He was crying, and a heavy smell emanated from …

General Potto About The Armenian Meliks of Artsakh

General Potto About The Armenian Meliks

Under Persians, Karabakh, the only one among the fragments of the once great Armenian kingdom, retained as monuments of past greatness the patrimonial inheritances of Armenian meliks (princes, rulers of the Artsakh principality) that occupied the vast space between Araks and the Kurak Rivers. General of the Russian Army V. A. Potto, the “Nestor” of …