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Raw Brick Technology In The Erebuni Citadel

Raw Brick Technology

It is planned to introduce raw brick production technology in the territory of the Erebuni Museum-Reserve and use it to restore the Erebuni Citadel, as well as stimulate the tourist attraction of the historical area. Recently, a meeting was held at the Yerevan Municipality. The meeting was attended by the representative of the International Association …

To Armenia For Brain Therapy – Alain Terzian

To Armenia For Brain Therapy

Alain Terzian: “I visit Armenia for brain therapy.” “People are people, but some people are legends – for example, Alain Terzian, who told the whole world that Jean Reno may be an Armenian Mafiosi and that you can come to Armenia to ‘for brain therapy’,” told columnist Ruben Gyulmisaryan about one man who has spoken …