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Astronomical Knowledge In Ancient Armenia

Astronomical Knowledge

Prehistoric settlement 30 kilometers from Yerevan, in the center of the fertile Ararat valley at the head of the Metsamor River, a five thousand years old settlement was found after years of archaeological excavations. But the most interesting findings were unearthed on the rocks surrounding the Metsamor settlement. One of them in about 200 meters …

The Gospels Of The Seven Apostles As A Gift To Matenadaran

The Gospels Of The Seven Apostles

On Thursday, the Armenian National Union of Education and Culture donated 27 unique 14-20th-century manuscripts and publications to the repository of ancient manuscripts “Matenadaran”. Among the copies donated to Matenadaran are collections, diaries, ritual books, psalms, gospels, and a musical collection. As the director of Matenadaran Vahan Ter-Ghevondyan told the News Armenia agency, this is …