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Yevgeny Bagrationovich Vakhtangov – Prominent Soviet-Armenian Theater Actor And Director

Yevgeny Bagrationovich Vakhtangov

Yevgeny Bagrationovich (Bagratovich) Vakhtangov (1883 – 1922) was a Russian and Soviet actor, theater director, and the founder and director of the Student Drama Studio (Vakhtangov Theater after 1926). Yevgeny Vakhtangov was born on February 13, 1883, in Vladikavkaz into a wealthy aristocratic family of a tobacco manufacturer Bagration Sergeyevich Vakhtangov and his wife Olga …

The Establishment Of Atatürk’s Personality Cult In Turkey

The Establishment Of Atatürk’s

In 1925, the Turkish government ordered the Austrian sculptor Heinrich Krippel a monument to Mustafa Kemal. The finished monument was erected in Istanbul’s Sarayburnu Park the very next year and became the first monument of the Republic of Turkey. Subsequently, a peculiar parade of monument and bust installation to Mustafa Kemal began throughout the country. …