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The Peri Fairy In The Tradition Of Hamshen

The Peri Fairy

Peris (Armenian: փերի, fairy) were fantastic creatures in the form of beautiful women. Peris were also close to “genie-women”, which can be seen from the fact that the Hamshenis referred to insane people as ones “captured or struck by the peri” (փերու չառտմա/պռվաձկ). The peri society was organized like human society. Particularly, it had its …

Sakravor – Warrior Of Ancient Armenia

Sakravor – Warrior Of Ancient Armenia

Sakravor (Armenian: Սակրավոր, from the word sakura, that is, ax) was a soldier in the ancient Armenian army usually armed with an ax. Sakravors have also had shovels and some other tools. The sakravor squads paved roads, built bridges, cut down forests, set up military camps, trenches, and engaged in other forms of military engineering. …