Day archives: January 17th, 2020

Bowls With Armenian inscriptions Found In Rostov Oblast

Bowls With Armenian inscriptions

An archaeological expedition carrying out excavations in the territory of the city of Azov (Azak) in the Rostov Oblast discovered a 14th-century residential estate. This discovery changed the way scientists think about the boundaries of the city located on the banks of the Don. Throughout the expedition in the estate, archaeologists found various items belonging …

The Hamshen Armenian Dialect And Hamshen Grammar

The Hamshen Armenian Dialect

Finally came the moment for us to publish not lamentable but joyful news about Hamshen and Hamshen Armenians. For the first time, the Hamshenis of Turkey had the opportunity to learn their native language at a new, completely different level. The textbook “Hamşetsnak Lizu Kidanutun” (“The grammar of the Hamshen language”) authored by intellectual and …