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Improvised Artillery From The Artsakh War, 1988-1991 (Photo)

Improvised Artillery

The photos below are showing improvised artillery and firearms from the times of the Artsakh Liberation War. These weapons were used by the forces of Armenian military organizations. The latter would become the foundation for the Artsakh Defense Army. It was with these weapons that the self-defense units went on sabotage against the USSR Ministry …

The Deportation Of Armenians Of Getashen And Martunashen – Operation Ring, Artsakh, 1991

The Deportation Of Armenians

In April-June 1991, the troops at the disposal of the emergency commandant’s office and the organizing committee for the NKAO (V. P. Polyanichko, General Safonov) together with the 23rd Soviet Army division (Colonel Budeikin) transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Azerbaijan SSR and Azerbaijani OMON units undertook a large-scale military operation to …