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Varanda – A Historical District Of Artsakh

Varanda – A Historical District Of Artsakh

The Melikdom (Princedom) of Varanda is one of the historical regions of Artsakh. It is located in the southeastern area of the foothills of the Lesser Caucasus, in the southern regions of the Karabakh Range. From the first half of the 18th century, Varanda has been a somewhat independent feudal principality, a Melikdom that was …

Five Feats Of Philanthropist Galust Gyulbenkian

Five Feats Of Philanthropist

1. After the Genocide, many Armenians emigrated to countries all over the world. But even more Armenians were not able to find a place to live. The biographers of Gyulbenkian write that the billionaire could not tolerate this and decided to support his nation. Using his political influence, Gyulbenkian did everything to stop Ataturk’s attempts …