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Interview With Leonid Azgaldyan In Shahumyan, Artsakh

Interview With Leonid Azgaldyan

Leonid Azgaldyan (1942-1992) is a Hero of the Artsakh War. He was one of the first volunteers to come to the defense of Shahumyan district and Artsakh as a whole. In the interview presented below, standing against the backdrop of Shahumyan, Azgaldyan argues that Shahumyan and Getashen populations should be protected from deportation by Azerbaijan …

Mujahideen Against Armenia In The Artsakh War

Mujahideen Against Armenia

The Mujahideen institute in its current format was formed in 1980-1990 during the Afghan War and was associated with the realities of the Cold War. During the Afghan War (more precisely, in the years of Soviet involvement, 1979-1988), the United States, among others, through Saudi and Pakistani special services provided large-scale financial and military assistance …