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Film About Historical Armenia By Nairi Hokhikyan

Film About Historical Armenia

Below are shots of Armenians living in Sasun from the trailer to the film “Time of Return 5”. Nairi Hokhikyan’s film “Time of Return” features exclusive footage of Western Armenia and shows Armenians still living in the area and preserving their national identity. Armenians living in the Sasun mountains work hard to preserve the graves …

Bombardment Of The Pioneer Camp “Jraberd” By Azerbaijanis – 1991

Bombardment Of The Pioneer Camp

“A new type of terrorism has appeared in Nagorno-Karabakh. Bombardment from helicopters and cars got complemented with piracy. According to the deputy police chief of Martakert District Nikolai Grigoryan, last night on the Sarsang reservoir, four unidentified individuals on a boat that had arrived from the direction of the Azerbaijani village of Umudlu, Martakert region, …