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The Fortress Of Akhalkalaki On The Verge Of Collapse

The Fortress Of Akhalkalaki

The condition of the 11th-century fortress of Akhalkalaki worsens every year, and there are no state programs for its preservation. Now, there are two ways to save the fortress – either renovate it or conserve it as-is and prevent further damage. The Akhalkalaki fortress is the main attraction of the city of Akhalkalaki. The current …

Mysterious Burial Grounds From The 8th-6th Centuries BC In Armenia

Mysterious Burial Grounds

Ethnographer Mariam Amiryan and anthropologist Hasmik Simonyan announced at a recent press conference that a mysterious ancient burial ground had been found in Artanish (a peninsula on Lake Sevan). During excavations in this territory, 14 human skulls, 3 children’s occipital bones, 10 lower jaws, many individual body fragments, and various utensils were discovered. According to …