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Ruins Of An Armenian Church Found In Malatya

Ruins Of An Armenian Church

During the construction of the Beidag park in Malatya, fragments of a medieval Armenian structure were discovered. The remains appear to be stones of an Armenian church. Archaeological works are underway to find out which century the ruins date to. Preliminarily, they are dated back to the Middle Ages. The deputy director of the Malatya …

Samvel Karapetyan – “Leaving Fragments Of The Fatherland In The Hands Of The Enemy, We Have Always Paid With Our Culture”

Samvel Karapetyan – "Leaving Fragments

Monument expert Samvel Karapetyan wrote in 2018: “Back in the Soviet Union in the 1950s, half a century before the destruction of the Old Jugha cemetery in 2005, Azerbaijani Turks barbarously destroyed the cemetery of the settlement of Tsar (Karvachar district) and used its tombstones and khachkars to build a school. Below is a group …