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Lakes Of Sebastia – True Natural Wonders

Lakes Of Sebastia

Numerous karst (shallow) lakes between Hafik and Zara have been formed in geomorphological gaps characteristic of this area. The 15 large and small natural lakes in the areas of Hafik and Zara in the province of Sebastia, Historical Armenia, are remarkable works of nature. One of the most striking features of these lakes is their …

Garo “Spitak Arch” Kahkejian – Heroes of Armenia

Garo “Spitak Arch” Kahkejian

Garo Kahkejian, known as Spitak Arch (The White Bear), was a participant of the Artsakh War and the commander of the “Crusaders” volunteer unit. Garo Kahkejian was born on March 24, 1962, in the city of Aleppo, Syria. After graduating the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Frankfurt University of Engineering, Kahkejian moved to Fresno, California. …