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The Independent On A New Book About Genocides Committed By The Turks

The Independent On A New Book

Famous British historian and “The Independent” correspondent Robert Fisk in his last article touched upon the book “The Thirty-Year Genocide” by Jewish historian Benny Morris. This work covers genocides committed by the Turks. According to Moris, it took 9 long years to complete the book. The co-author of the book is another Jewish historian Dror …

Mkrtich I Khrimyan – Armenian Religious And Political Leader

Mkrtich I Khrimyan

Mkrtich I Khrimyan, also known as Khrimyan Hayrik (Father Khrimyan), was born on April 4, 1820, in Van, Western Armenia. Khrimyan received primary education from his uncle Khachatur in his family village and religious education in the theological schools of Lima and Ktuts (Vaspurakan, Historical Armenia). In 1842, Khrimyan moved to Constantinople where he would …