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A Letter From Artavazd V To The Persian Shah

A Letter From Artavazd V

In 252, Shapur I (the son and successor of the founder of the Sasanian state Ardashir I) invaded Armenia and enthroned pro-Persian Nakharar Artavazd Mandakuni (reigned in 252-262). He was the fifth and last Artavazd on the Armenian throne and bore the title “King of Great Armenians” (“Թագավոր Հայոց մեծաց”). Although made a king by …

The Rock Paintings Of Mount Tsghuk – Armenia

The Rock Paintings Of Mount Tsghuk

On Mount Tsghuk (3582 m), the highest peak on the border of Syunik and Artsakh, an Armenian-English group of archeologists and art historians have discovered more than 1000 cave paintings, the largest group of cave paintings found so far in Armenia. Anna Khechoyan, the head of the Armenian team and researcher at the Institute of …