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Thapsaachi Haya – The Sacred Rock Of The Khakas People

Thapsaachi Haya

Tapsaachi haya (“Talking rock”) is a sacred ancestral location for the Khakas people, as well as an entire complex of mythology, culture, and history. It was a place of spiritual and sacred attraction for many people living nearby. Mountain sacrifices were made there as well. At the sacrificial ceremonies, Khakas would ask for protection against …

Soviet Russia Supported The Criminal Mustafa Kemal

Soviet Russia Supported

On April 11, 1920, a little over a century ago, Mustafa Kemal was declared a criminal. On May 11, the Turkish military court sentenced him to death – an order which was approved by the Sultan on May 24. Mustafa Kemal was put on the wanted list. Factually, the founder of modern Turkey Mustafa Kemal …