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Archaeological Finds In Historical Armenia

Archaeological Finds In Historical Armenia

A 250-year-old grain silo from Kharberd This grain silo found by a farmer in Kharberd of Western Armenia was taken under state protection. This silo was discovered by the farmer during sowing. Specialists studied the silo and came to the conclusion that it is aged about 250 years and had been used as grain storage …

The Ownerless Cultural Heritage Of Historical Armenia

The Ownerless Cultural Heritage

Varagavank in poor condition The Varagavank monastery is located at the foot of Mount Erek 10 km from the city of Van in Western Armenia. This 11th-century monastery is now located in the vicinity of the village of Yukar-Bakrakhl. The Varagavank monastery was built by the Armenian ruler of Vaspurakan and was named in honor …