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Karen Maria Petersen – Witness To The Armenian Genocide

Karen Maria Petersen

Many missionaries who have dedicated their lives to saving Armenian women and children became witnesses to the Armenian Genocide. Among them were dedicated members of a Scandinavian missionary organization. We are talking about the Danish evangelical organization “Women’s Missionary Workers” (Kvindelige Missions Arbejdere, K.M.A.) founded in Copenhagen in 1900. The organization’s motto fully describes its …

This Is Who Patrick Devedjian Was

This Is Who Patrick Devedjian Was

In 1981, ASALA members occupied the Turkish Embassy in Paris and held more than 50 people hostage for 15 hours. Due to this, Patrick Devedjian withdrew from the mayoral election and chose to defend the four young Armenian ASALA members in court. Devedjian and his team made sure that the ASALA members be called “combatants” …