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Deutsche Welle On The Participation Of Germany In The Armenian Genocide Of 1915

Deutsche Welle On The Participation Of Germany

The German Deutsche Welle published an article authored by journalist Richard Fuchs on the history of Germany’s intervention (participation) in the Armenian Genocide, the country’s position on this issue, and its respectful attitude towards Turkey. The article cites well-known German politicians. One of the said politicians has expressed disappointment that Germany lacks the courage to …

Solar Water Heaters In The Armenian Village Of Shikahogh

Solar Water Heaters

The Ministry of Environment of Armenia has summarized the “Protected Areas Assistance Program” within whose framework all houses in the Shikahogh village, Syunik Province, have been equipped with solar water heaters. According to the press service of the ministry, the environmental organization Green Ecology has installed solar water heaters in all 56 houses of the …