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The Medieval Armenian Monastery Of Khtskonk

The Medieval Armenian Monastery

Khtskonk is a 9th-century medieval Armenian monastery near the village of Digor (formerly Tekor) in about 25 km from Ani (now in Turkey). It is now almost completely in ruins due to the action and inaction of the Turkish authorities. Organically combined with the surrounding mountain landscape, the monastery has been distinguished by artistic unity. …

The Anniversary Of The Establishment Of The Armenian Government

The Anniversary Of The Establishment

On May 15, 1919, the first government of Historical (Western) Armenia was formed from members of the National Delegation who were elected by the Armenian National Conference in Paris. The government consisted of His Excellency Poghos Nubar Pasha, Professor A. Ter-Hakobyan, doctors G. Nevruz & G. Pastrmajyan, M. A. Chobanyan, and V. Tekeyan. This group …