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Mkrtich Portugalyan: “While The Turks And Kurds Are Tearing The Armenians Physically, Russia Is Twisting Their Soul”

Mkrtich Portugalyan:

The hope that Russia will liberate Western Armenia is very naive. After the liberation of the Caucasus from the Persians with the support of Armenian meliks, the Russians destroyed these very meliks so that, God forbid, a new David Bek doesn’t appear among the Armenians. Millions of Armenians are strangled in Russia’s claws – under …

The Presentation Of The Treaty Of Sevres To Turkey

The Presentation Of The Treaty Of Sevres

The Sevres peace treaty was presented to the Turkish delegation at 16:00 on May 11, 1920, in Paris, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Armenian delegation was present at the ceremony as well since the new Armenian state was one of the parties in the treaty and wasrecognized as a sovereign and independent state. …