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Tmkaberd – One Of The Wonders Of Javakhk

Tmkaberd – One Of The Wonders Of Javakhk

Tmuk, Tmbuk, Tmogvi, or Tmkaberd was a medieval fortress on the left bank of the Kura River in the district of Upper Javakhk, Gugark Province, Greater Armenia. Currently, it is located in the Aspindza (Aspnyak) region of Georgia. The fortress occupies three hills and used to be surrounded by 150 meters long and 3 meters …

Hakob Bagratuni – Outstanding Statesman, Diplomat, And Military Figure Of The First Republic Of Armenia

Hakob Bagratuni – Outstanding Statesman

Prince Hakob Bagratuni was born in Akhaltsikhe in 1879 into an Armenian noble family from the Bagratuni dynasty. Bagratunis from Gyumri-Alexandropol who had migrated from Karin (Erzrum) at the beginning of the 19th century were representatives of the old Bagratuni princely family. After graduating from the male Tiflis gymnasium with honors, Akop Bagratuni continued his …