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An Armenian Khachkar In Rivne – Ukraine

An Armenian Khachkar In Rivne

On November 1, 2019, on the corner of Kavkazskaya-Mitskevich streets in the city of Rivne, the grand opening of a khachkar (cross-stone) dedicated to the innocent victims of the Armenian and Ukrainian peoples took place. The 2.5 meters tall cross-stone is made from Armenian mountain tuff stone. The monument was consecrated by the head of …

The Mass Exodus Of Armenians To The North Caucasus In 1918

The Mass Exodus Of Armenians

After the capture of Karakilisa, the Turks marched north towards Tiflis. At the same time, Muslims in the Sadakhlo-Sandari region became active, closing down the railroad and starting robbing and killing Armenian refugees. On May 22, 1918, the Transcaucasian government decided to appeal to the Dashnaktsutyun party and the Musavatists with a request to send …