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Karahunj – The Temple And Tower Of The Sun

Karahunj – The Temple And Tower

Geologist Hovhannes Azizbekyan, a convinced follower of the theory that Karahunj was also an observatory, explained his opinion. According to him, Karahunj was one of the sacred temples of the ancient Armenian faith. And, like all the ancient temples of the Armenian Highlands, Karahunj was also a large scientific center and served as an observatory. …

Zoravar Kristapor Araratyan – The Story Of A Photo

Zoravar Kristapor Araratyan

In the photo below are the commander of the artillery brigade of the Armenian Corps in the Sardarapat heroic battle Zoravar Kristapor Araratyan and his chief of staff captain Arthur Ayvazyan. The photo was taken in April 1919, Yerevan, Armenia. Araratyan’s artillery brigade had a profound impact on the success of the Battle of Sardarapat …