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Armenians And Yezidis – Surviving Together, Winning Together

Armenians And Yezidis – Surviving Together

We’ve lived with this nation side by side since time immemorial. It just so happened that we have established a high level of organic coexistence with this nation. Furthermore, we not only achieved coexistence but fought together in times of threat since our enemies didn’t differentiate between us. Whether it is the Battle of Sardarapat, …

Dali Ghazar – Fedayi Commander

Dali Ghazar – Fedayi Commander

Dali Ghazar (aka Misha, born Mikael Astvatsaturovich Badalkoyan, 1886-1920) was born into a noble family in Gandzak, Armenia. He was a fighter, fedayi, and a khmbapet (group commander). Ghazar graduated from the Elisabethpol’s men’s classical gymnasium. At a young age, he joined the Dashnaktsutyun Party. In early January 1914, together with his brother Abram, he …