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“The Day Of Soviet Occupation” In Azerbaijan

"The Day Of Soviet Occupation" In Azerbaijan

April 28 in Azerbaijan is “the day of Soviet occupation”. This phrase is an outrageous oxymoron. Russia in the literal sense of the word created the Azerbaijani nation. Back in the days, the current Azerbaijanis were called Tatars. For the first time, the term “Azerbaijanis” was mentioned in the 1936 census of the USSR. In …

The Statue Of Liberty Made From Akhtala Copper?

The Statue Of Liberty Made From Akhtala Copper?

In 1887, France acquired Armenia’s Akhtala deposit of non-ferrous metals located in Lori Province. The joint-stock company Compagnie Francaise Mines D’Akhtala was established here to manage the mines. Copper was mined mainly by the Greeks and Armenians living in the province. Most of the raw materials would be exported to France. Due to this, some …