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Akhalkalaki Fortress Used As A Cowshed

Akhalkalaki Fortress Used As A Cowshed

Some time ago, the territory of the Akhalkalaki fortress was cleared and closed to cows. Before that, the fortress had served as a cowshed for many years. However, recently, grazing cows have again been noticed in the territory of the fortress. Last year, on Europe Day, a cleanup was held in the Akhalkalaki fortress, in …

Turkey’s Reaction To A Map Of Armenia

Turkey's Reaction To A Map Of Armenia

Recently, the Turkish media published their reaction to the map of Armenia under the Treaty of Sevres. Article 12 of the political principles adopted by US President Woodrow Wilson in the US Congress after World War I on January 8, 1918, refers to the Ottoman Empire. In this regard, the following statement was circulated in …

Large-Scale Looting By Turkish Soldiers In Yerevan – 1918

Large-Scale Looting By Turkish

In 1918, about a month after the signing of the Mudros Armistice, American officer James Erol stationed in Eastern Armenia reported that from December 2 to 5, 1918, he had witnessed widespread looting committed by Turkish soldiers in Yerevan, Alexandropol, and other Armenian cities and settlements. The Turks took from the Armenians 7 million pounds …