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The Ancient Observatory Karahunj Dug Up And Exposed For Two Years

The Ancient Observatory Karahunj

While everyone was busy with politics, the Karahunj Ancient Observatory spent two winters with huge trenches that Ashot Piliposyan had left behind in violation of many laws and an International Convention. These pits and large holes make the position of megaliths in the structure unstable. Any event in Karahunj is like dances around a patient’s …

News Of Archaeology And Architecture Of Historical Armenia

News Of Archaeology And Architecture

After the Armenian Genocide, the Armenian architecture of Mush suffered greatly. We can assume that the regular destruction process ended in 2012 when the Kale area was declared a zone of urban reform. However, the last Armenian traces that had somehow survived up to that point were destroyed during this “transformation”. The Khdrbaba mound in …