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Armenians From Dersim Talk About Their Nationality

Armenians From Dersim

“Turkey should remember the Armenian Genocide and take an appropriate position on this issue,” said a member of the Union of Armenians of Dersim Miran Prkich during his and Dersim community leaders’ and village elders’ visit to the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial. As reported by “Armenpress”, the visit took place on the initiative of the “Modus Vivendi” …

Nakhijevan Is An Integral Part Of The Republic Of Armenia

Nakhijevan Is An Integral Part

We present to your attention the real story of how Nakhijevan ended up in Azerbaijan. The map below shows the Yerevan (Erivan) governorate with its seven counties. This Yerevan was part of the Russian Empire. When Eastern Armenia was incorporated into the Russian Empire in 1828, a separate administrative national unit was created under the …