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On The Legal Assessment Of The Criminal Moscow Treaty

On The Legal Assessment

The issue of Nakhijevan has already become a major task for our country. Due to this, we must, first of all, achieve an official legal assessment of the criminal Russian-Turkish Moscow Treaty of 1921. Then, at the legislative level, we need to recognize Armenia as the legal successor of the First Independent Republic of Armenia …

China Recognizes Ararat As An Armenian Land? – Ancient Civilizations Are Friends, While Nomads Are Raging

China Recognizes Ararat As An Armenian Land

The People’s Republic of China sent humanitarian aid to Armenia in containers. These containers had the following written on them: “May our friendship (be) higher than Mountain Ararat and longer than Yangtze River”. Mount Ararat was also portrayed on the containers. Thus, the Chinese side, if not officially, then at least ideologically, at the level …