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Hradamist – King of Armenia – Opera By Handel

Hradamist – King of Armenia

Hradamist was the king of Armenia in 51-53 and 54-55. In the book “Annals” by Latin historian Tacitus, Hradamist (Rhadamistus) was distinguished by bodily strength and was well versed in the arts and sciences. Pretending that he had quarreled with his father, he left for Armenia and was warmly received. He would then start inciting …

The Crew Of A Captured Tank – The Story Of One Photo

The Crew Of A Captured Tank

This photo was taken in June 1992, in the most difficult and tragic time of the Artsakh war. At that time, our units engaged in the toughest battles would often retreat in front of superior enemy forces reinforced by Russian units, Turkish advisers, and mercenaries from near and far abroad. The photo shows the crew …