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Women’s Units Of The Armenian Army

Women's Units Of The Armenian Army

According to medieval Armenian historians, the Armenian army had units made up of female shooters who were experienced archers and snipers. One famous episode connected to Armenian female units dates to the 12th century. It is the story of Haytsemnik Anetsi, the commander of a detachment of Armenian women archers. Haytsemnik died in 1124 during …

Pedra de Ingá stone, Brazil

Pedra de Ingá stone, Brazil

The Ingá Stone is located in the middle of the Ingá River near the small town of Ingá 96 km from João Pessoa, Paraíba State, northeastern Brazil. Pedra de Ingá is also called “Itacoatiara”. Translated from the Tupi language, the word “Ita” means “stone”, while “kshatiara” means “striped” or “painted”. The Ingá Stone is a rock formation covering an area of about 250 square meters. Basically, it is a vertical …