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Ancient Figurine Of The Armenian Forest Bull

Ancient Figurine Of The Armenian Forest Bull

If it were not for this 3000-year-old ancient figurine from the times of the Kingdom of Van, we would have never known what an Armenian forest bull looked like. The discovered 10 thousand years old bones prove that the basin of Lake Sevan used to be a dense forest, allowing these wonderful animals to freely …

Latvian Newspaper “Neatkarīgā” Presented The 7 Best Sights Of Armenia

Latvian Newspaper “Neatkarīgā” Presented

The Latvian “Neatkarīgā” newspaper presented the 7 best sights of Armenia that can interest tourists. As reported by “Armenpress”, the list was compiled after an interview with the Armenian Ambassador to Latvia Tigran Mkrtchyan. In the first place is the Cathedral of Etchmiadzin. “Neatkarīgā” notes that it is the largest surviving Christian church in the …