Day archives: September 12th, 2020

Turkey Owes Armenians 800 Billion Dollars – Armine Karapet

Turkey Owes Armenians 800 Billion Dollars

“Armenians all over the world should take unified steps for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide so that Turkey returns the ‘debt’,” thinks Armine Karapet, the Chairperson of the UK branch of the Hayastan All Armenian Fund. According to her, Turkey owes the Armenians more than $800 billion. “Of course, they cannot fully return the …

New Turkish Tradition – A Photo Of Newlyweds Against The Background Of The Ancient Armenian City Of Ani

New Turkish Tradition

Recently, Turkish newlywed couples have been more often photographed on the ruins of Ani. Newlyweds are taking wedding photos in front of the churches of Ani and other architectural monuments. Photos taken at sunset are especially popular. This was reported by the Turkish state news agency “Anadolu” whose correspondent photographer Ismail Kaplan captured several of …